Stef Beckers

Stef Beckers is an Art-with Nature artist known in The Netherlands and abroad for his organic art objects and sculptures. His aim is to translate natural moments into unique organic art objects. Works in which materials like crystals, unique rare minerals, wood and fossils come together in a metamorphosis and form new, attractive forms with their own strory. Movement, vitality and craft skills are the strength of his work. Each material speaks it’s own language. Visualize it is his goal.

Stef Beckers making Organic Art


He graduated cum laude in 1995 for his master’s degree Organic Art in Vucht, Holland.
After his studies Stef Beckers worked as a product designer for several years.
He eventually chose his freedom and started working as an independent artist.He chose fore his passion for wich he still lives every day.
A passion that drives him to creating new artistic organic objects time after time.

To grow in his abilities, insights and to gather inspiration, Stef has travelled around the world for many years.He has visited Canada,Alaska, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific Islands and collaborated with indigenous craftsmen and designers.
These local craft techniques and the unique rare materials are a driving force that lead Stef to create original organic art objects.

The work of Stef Beckers illustrates his personal vision of reality. The confrontation with nature and its elements are an important source of inspiration.

His objects make seeing tangible. Substance takes shape.

Each environment deserves its own object.
Each object deserves its own environment.


Stef Beckers:
Born in the Netherlands in 1969
Lives in Budel
Atelier Stef Beckers Budel

1984 t/m 1996 Street Artist


1995 Master degree Organic Art- Vught.NL  graduated cum laude.

1991 Personal training weave.

2000 Personal training leather processing Nova – Scotia Canada

2000 Personal training bone processing Newfoundland Canada

2001 Personal training bone processing Alaska

2001 & 2008 Personal training jade stone processing New Zealand

1996, 2003 & 2011  Personal training woodworking Indonesië